Teen Sleep Secrets

How to Establish Better Sleep Habits For Higher Levels of Productivity, Improved Focus, and More Happiness

Getting enough sleep is the most important factor in a teenager's ability to function. Make it a priority in your home.

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This mini-course is for you if:

✔️You want to learn more about why teens struggle to go to sleep

✔️You want to know how to get your teen to establish healthy sleeping habits

✔️You're worried your teen may have a sleep disorder

✔️You feel like you've tried everything and failed in the past with your teen

Teen Sleep Secrets is the ultimate parenting mini-course

If you want your teen to benefit from all of the advantages that come from a good night's sleep

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What You'll Learn In This Workshop...

Secret #1: Learn what the recommended sleep cycle is for teens

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Discover the nuances of Teens circadian rhythm and why it is harder to go to bed earlier

Secret #2: How To Help Your Teen Establish Better Sleeping Habits

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Discover what a recent Crisis Hotline study showed regarding trends in teen sleep

Secret #3: Find out the symptoms of what might be a sleep disorder

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Learn the difference between structured and unstructured sleep

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Hosted by: Susan Borison & Stephanie Silverman, Your Teen Media, the resource for parenting teenagers. 

Your Teen developed out of personal passion but grew out of universal need. Friends Stephanie Silverman and Susan Borison saw that their own parenting concerns and fears resonated with most everyone they polled. 

As they were wondering whether their teens’ struggles were normal, or whether their parenting woes were typical, other parents were dealing with the same insecurities. Unfortunately, the books and magazines they had relied on when their children were younger didn’t much help with teenagers. And so, Your Teen Magazine for Parents was born. These days, we’re pleased to say that Your Teen is a leading source for parents seeking high-quality information and advice about raising teenagers. We couldn’t be prouder.

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KJ Dell’Antonia

KJ Dell'Antonia, Columnist and Contributing Editor Well Family, NY Times, previously Editor and Lead Writer, The Motherlode Blog, NY Times, former New York City Prosecutor, professional journalist—NYT, Slate XXFactor, Common Sense Media.

Dell'Antonia is an accomplished journalist who has maintained her accessibility and authenticity as a person, as she has become increasingly senior and influential in her profession. Her ability to bring the public into her family life but still draw a line that respects the privacy of her four children is rare. Career transitioner and the parent of adopted as well as biological children

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Dr. Carolyn Landis

Carolyn E. Ievers-Landis, PhD, CBSM, is certified in behavioral sleep medicine (CBSM) through the American Association of Sleep Medicine. Her special interests include sleep disorders, pediatric obesity, behavioral nutrition, and adjustment to chronic health conditions such as diabetes and cystic fibrosis.

Dr. Ievers-Landis has more than 50 published works, the majority in peer-reviewed journals. She is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics and Children’s Health Care and an editorial board member of Child Psychiatry & Human Development. She is frequently interviewed for national media stories and is a presenter at workshops and symposia at national and international professional conferences.

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Dr. Patrick Porter

Dr. Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D., author, neuroscience expert, and founder of BrainTapTechnologies.

Dr. Porter has made  BrainTap Technologies a global leader in the personal improvement field. With a library of more than 400 guided-audio programs (all voiced by Dr. Porter) and creative visualization processes, the BrainTap allows users to relax, reboot, and revitalize while achieving peak brain performance.


  • Our hour-long video workshop with KJ Dell'Antonia and Dr. Carolyn Landis (transcript included) (Video)

  • Follow up Q&A (Video)

  • Bonus interview with Dr. Patrick Porter (Video)

  • Understanding Teens and Sleep (PDF)

  • Seven Ways to Sleep Better (PDF)
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Disclaimer: This mini-course is not a therapy or counseling session. Nor is it a replacement for a therapy or counseling session. We encourage you to seek your own professional opinions relevant to your unique situations outside of this online community educational workshop.

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