Your Teen Media's 
Parenting Skills Mini-Courses

Have you ever worried about how to handle a particular situation with your teenager, and wish you could take a class to help you know what to do?

Does it ever seem that other parents know what to do when you have absolutely no idea? You're not alone. And we've got your back.

Check out our Parenting Mini-Courses. Designed expressly for parents of teenagers, each one provides:

  • Clear and helpful information that helps you understand the teenage brain and how it operates
  • Specific and practical advice from experts that allows you to support your teenager through the turbulence of adolescence
  • A support system that empowers you as a parent so that you feel calm and confident

And you can do all of this in the comfort of your own home at your convenience. Ready to get started?

Current Course Offerings:

Destination → College

It's never too early to start planning for college! Whether your child is in middle school or months away from graduating high school, you'll benefit from our experts' exclusive knowledge and definitive advice.

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Help! My Daughter is in Middle School

Navigating the journey of middle school life is tough for teenage girls, as you well remember. Learn how to be there for her and keep that closeness through the tough times.

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Teen Sleep Secrets

There is no debating the fact that a good night's sleep makes everything better. Yet sleep is the first thing teenagers sacrifice. Learn the science behind sleep and how to encourage your teenager to commit to getting more sleep. 

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The Truth About Teens And Vaping

Teens think cigarettes are disgusting, but somehow, they're drawn to vaping, which is just as addictive. It's rampant and terrifying. Arm yourself with information so that you can talk with your teens about the real dangers of vaping. Learn what to do if you suspect your teen is vaping.

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Teens, Screens and the Whole Tech Scene

Help your teen build healthier screen time habits. Learn what risks and dangers exist online. Join us as experts in the industry teach you what you need to know about "Generation Screen."

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Teens and Gaming  

When it seems like your teenager just cannot break away from their video game, it may be time to press the reset button. Lean what gaming addiction looks like and how to help your teenager regain a more balanced life.

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The Disorganized Student

Learn the best ways to help your teen develop the executive function skills they need to get and stay organized and keep chaos at bay. Lay the groundwork for them to be able to advocate for their own needs.

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The Defiant Teenager

Save your sanity, empower yourself, and improve your relationship with your teenager by learning tips and tools to handle uncooperative, resistant behavior. Learn to parent with a soft heart and clear limits during those times when teenagers are pushing all of your buttons. 

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Raising A Safe Teen Driver For Life

Driver's Ed just isn't enough. Now is the time to make sure that your teenager is prepared for any situation they may encounter in the driver's seat.

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How to Improve Sibling Relationships

You've taught your kids to share and to be kind to each other, but now they're teens. You don't want to be the judge and jury forever. This mini-course will give you parenting tools that will strengthen your kids relationships with each other and with you.

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