Our Story

When the oldest of her five kids became a teenager, Sue heard a totally different sound: silence. Suddenly, no one was talking about their kids any more, and she missed the informal conversations that had provided so much warmth, advice, and bonding in the past. She thought that there needed to be some way to broach topics about raising teens.
Adolescence is such a complicated and confusing for teens and for parents. It’s so hard to determine whether a behavior is developmentally “normal” or a cause for some kind of intervention. Rather than keeping things to ourselves, it’s a time when we need support so that we are able to feel less alone and less uncertain and more informed and more confident.
Sue got the idea in her head to produce a magazine. She wasn’t ready to share her thoughts aloud. Because once she did, she knew she’d have to do it, and she was scared to make the leap.
The launch of Your Teen required Sue to take that risk, and she did. In 2007, Sue founded the company, and after her first partner had to pull away, Steph, parent of three, came on board. 
Turns out, Sue was dialed in. People clamored for information, and Sue and Steph were sometimes stopped in the grocery store by parents who appreciated their efforts. So many said that they felt like the magazine had been written directly for them. 
What started as a desire to provide avenues for conversation in their community has transformed into an award-winning, nationally acclaimed, indispensable resource for parents who want to raise confident, resilient, and thoughtful teens. Sue and Steph, along with their staff, have worked with passion and focus to open the lines of conversation among parents and between parents and teens. Your Teen is a go-to resource for many, and Sue and Steph couldn’t be prouder. They know they are creating content that change people’s lives, and they feel a sense of urgency to be of service to as many parents as they can.
Both Sue and Steph have been recognized for their entrepreneurial efforts and for the quality of Your Teen. 
Sue completed Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses training and Your Teen won a spot on Build it Big Cleveland. While those who know them are already well aware of how Fascinating Sue and Steph are, they were featured on the Cleveland Jewish News’ Jews of Interest list in 2013- and they still remain very interesting. In 2013, Your Teen also received an Exemplar Award from Recovery Resources.
Most recently, Sue was named a 2019 Notable Woman in Entrepreneurship in Crain’s Cleveland Business. Your Teen Magazine won a content marketing award for Best Print Magazine and was a finalist in the College Guide category. 
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