Looking Ahead to College:

5 Ways Parents Can Help 11th Graders Right Now

Looking Ahead to College:

5 Ways Parents Can Help 11th Graders Right Now

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Junior year: it’s a biggie. Our students have so much on their plates, and college feels about 5 minutes away. 


We know this is their college journey …  but what can parents do to help them along the way? 


We’re so glad you asked! Join us Tuesday, February 1, 2022 at 7pm ET for a FREE, live webinar to discuss 5 things parents can do right now to help their college juniors with the college process. (And no, writing their college essay is not one of them.) 


Our expert will share timely, actionable information based on many years of experience in higher-ed admissions and as a college counselor working with students and families just like yours. 


You’ll come away with five items you can tackle with your junior right now, so you can feel confident they’re on the right track.

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  1. Identify a teacher they have a strong enough relationship with to write their college recommendation letter - give them plenty of notice
  2. Create a calendar of key deadlines to know about  - testing dates and deadlines to register, Common app opens, FAFSA opens, etc.
  3. Decide on a testing strategy - whether or not to test, which test, when
  4. Begin college visits
  5. Begin working on the college essay - help them brainstorm possible topics

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