Your Teen for Parents


A blueprint for thoughtful, proactive parenting.  


At Your Teen, we are right here with you on this whirlwind journey of parenting teenagers. And when we're stumped about how to best parent our teens – in other words, every single day – we collect the best expert advice and share it with you. Parenting teens doesn't need to be lonely or stressful. We're all in this together.


Whether your child is in middle school or months away from graduating high school, you'll benefit from our experts' exclusive knowledge and definitive advice.

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Designed expressly for parents of teenagers, each mini-course provides clear information and practical advice about a variety of issues that parents of teens face.

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Parenting can get lonely when kids get older and the playgroups fade away. Practical advice and stories from other parents to help you raise your teens with confidence.

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Get expert advice and parenting support emailed directly to your inbox on a weekly basis so that you can be the best parent for your teen. Be in the know about events and opportunities.

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An array of videos that include interviews with experts on every aspect of parenting teens and behind the scenes conversations with the Your Teen staff.

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Wit and wisdom from two moms who have been there—and lived to laugh about it. Susan Borison and Stephanie Silverman and their special guests talk all things parenting.

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