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At Your Teen, we are right here with you on this whirlwind journey of parenting teenagers. We're building a community on our stories and yours, with all their ups and its downs. And when we're stumped about how to best parent our teens – in other words, every single day – we collect the best expert advice and share it with you. We're all in this together.

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“How To” tips and tactics on changing the relationship with your teenager for the better

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"Thank you sooo much! Your technology workshop was great. I started last night by sitting down with my 14-year-old son and asking him to teach me a little more about Instagram. He thought it was cool I was asking him to be my tutor. It was a great start but I still have a lot more to learn." — Catherine Sotto

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If you've taken advantage of Your Teen Media content—whether it was our print magazine, website, or social media—you know that our trusted tips and advice can change your relationship with your teenager.

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